Here at AiNET, we spend a lot of time discussing cloud computing. How far it’s come, where it’ll go, and how to utilize it. But right now, it’s time to take a step back and appreciate what the cloud does for us as a society.

1- The Cloud Keeps Your Business Afloat

Cloud computing Keeps Your Business Afloat

We know the saying goes, “the multitude is always wrong,” but that’s not the case with cloud computing. In fact, it’s taken off so much that Forbes wrote about how 90% of companies utilize it. If you don’t use the cloud in your own business, you’re in danger of going under or becoming irrelevant, especially if you lose your data. (We all know how the cloud protects it!) Take a moment to think about where your company would be without cloud computing. Pretty different, right? And much less convenient!

2- The Cloud Has Options

Before, and in the early days of cloud computing, you didn’t have much of a choice in how to back up your data. Now, the cloud’s flexibility means you can utilize a public, private, or hybrid model—or all three! (Wondering which option is right for you, whether it’s for business or personal use? Click here). And, you have the option to access your data at home, work, vacation, or wherever you are.

Talk about a game changer! Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, where businesses were required to work from home. Our lives would have been drastically different during that period without the cloud.

3- The Cloud Makes Life Easier

Overall, the cloud has changed our lives simply by making it easier to work and preserve important data. No more stressing if the power goes out, or wondering how you’re going to pay for storage space or infrastructure. Cloud computing is cost-effective and usually easily transferrable—a win-win. While it’s not foolproof and does take some time and planning to get started, the cloud is far better than any option before, and allows technology to advance into the future. So next time you’re using the cloud, don’t take it for granted!

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