The past decade has been an iconic one for cloud technology. We made the most advances, and it’s paid off quite well. These innovations have made cyber solutions feasible for users and companies worldwide.

Along with the remarkable transformation came an unexpected decline in cloud tech solutions. Still, the pros outweigh the con. Here’s a detailed discussion of both sides.

The Major Pros from the Past Decade

1. The Hybrid Cloud Boom

The Hybrid cloud phenomenon was a dream come true for companies looking to retain solid control over their computing servers and exploit the transformative resources of the public cloud. It was the balance major companies needed.

For most companies, the public cloud was an active backup program to help prevent overloading their servers. Eventually, it became a proportional fuse of on-premise IT and cloud computing resources.

The Hybrid gained and has maintained significant momentum over the years. It’s currently the most used cloud storage and computing solution.

2. Cloud Backup and Recovery

It’s no secret that the cloud was primarily a backup storage option in its early days. And even at that stage, many users never really trusted the cloud to make it their primary storage platform.

However, that changed very quickly after notable companies like Rackspace announced moving their storage space to the cloud. Even then, the most significant rise in the general use of cloud storage services happened with the introduction of the cloud disaster recovery program.

Cloud disaster recovery was the game changer for cloud service providers and everyone else. The idea of backing up data beyond the reach of natural disasters became the ultimate solution to the most widespread business obstacle—data loss.

The Only Con from the Past Decade

The Public Cloud Growth Glitch

The glitch, in this case, isn’t a disruption in the services enabled by cloud technology. It’s the decline we noted earlier. Even with all the transformative advancement attached to the progressive years of cloud technology, the public cloud is losing its initial appeal.

Medium-sized companies are leaving the public cloud at an alarming rate and moving on to set up on-premise IT infrastructures for their businesses.

What’s the cause of this reverse?


There’s a monopoly of cloud services championed by tech oligarchs, also known as tech giants. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are the most prominent ones, and their cloud solutions aren’t cheap.

For many medium-sized companies, running an on-premise IT setup is more profitable than paying a fortune annually to tech giants with a growing risk of a potential breakdown.

Here’s a more detailed analysis of cloud tech oligarchs ruining the public cloud.


Despite the slight setback, cloud technology is growing at an incredible pace. There’s more to come with cloud services, and at AiNET, we’re exploring how you can benefit from the current and forthcoming innovations. Want to get started on your cloud solutions? Get in touch with us now.