In 2012, the BBC published a web-styled article on the possible system crash of the cloud storage structure. It was an interesting write-up inspired by the closure of Megaupload, a multi-million dollar cloud storage company.

Digital Cloud Storage System Crash

Shutting down Megaupload caused a devastating amount of data loss and distrust amongst existing and potential cloud users. The question “What if the cloud storage system crashes?” became one of the most googled questions on the Internet. It’s been a decade since that question came up, and many cyber tech pundits have provided several answers. But here is an update.

What happens if the cloud storage system crashes?

Hypothetically, there’d be a catastrophic loss of data and an acute panic wave worldwide. However, it’s good to know that the cloud storage system would never crash because it can’t. Why is that?

Well, like the Internet, the cloud storage system operates on multiple facets of connections all over the globe. It’s centralized and certainly not owned by a single entity. The closest possible scenario to a crash of that magnitude would be a coordinated attack on every cloud server. Let’s put that in more practical terms.

The cloud storage system is a network of every cloud server in the world, and each cloud server has a physical composition known as a data center. Without these data centers, there’d be no digital cloud storage services as we know them today. Technically, destroying a data center would result in the crash of every cloud server attached to it. Also, successful cyber-attacks on data centers could lead to data loss typical to crashed servers.

Can a cloud server crash be prevented?

Yes, there are preventative measures to help prevent server crash incidents and data loss in case of a successful crash. Responsible cloud storage providers have multiple cloud data recovery plans, data backup plans, and impregnable and regularly updated security system set-ups.

Big tech companies build data centers in rural areas with low cases of natural disasters to avoid a possible crash incident. This strategy also guarantees regulated access to principal data center components.

Knowing it’s inconceivable to see a global scale crash of the cloud storage system is reassuring and probably all the reason you’d need to use and trust the cloud storage services even more. But being intentional about the quality of your cloud storage provider is just as important. At Ai.NET, we can earn your trust and give you the best of everything cloud service-oriented.