Photos, videos, documents, personal information, business data, etc. The list is endless when it comes to the kinds of data we have to store. There is no sign of data declining. Data is increasing every day by almost 1.2 trillion MB. Where will all this data be stored? How many types of cloud storage are there? How will individuals and companies house this overwhelming amount of data?

Cloud storage is one of the most used form of data storage around the world for companies and individuals. Statistics show about 50% of all corporate data is stored on the cloud. There are billions of users of cloud storage today as it solves many data storage issues. Cloud storage is when a company creates a data center filled with servers that can store your data which can be accessed by you through the internet.

Cloud storage

Types of Cloud Storage

• Public Cloud

Public cloud storage is when data is stored on a server in the providers premises. This storage server is also shared by other individuals or companies. The client’s data that is stored on the cloud can be accessed by having an internet connection. With public cloud storage services, you do not have control over the servers that your data is stored in. Also, since it is shared with other individuals it is a bit unsafe as compared to other cloud services. These cloud storage services are rather scalable and cheap too.

• Private Cloud

Private cloud, as the name entails, is a private server provided to companies or individuals who need more control and security over their storage systems. The structure of the private cloud is designed specifically to the needs of the consumers. This allows them to have more flexibility, security, and control over the servers their data has been stored upon. The infrastructure can either be in the service providers premises or in the premises of the client, depending on what the client needs.

• Hybrid Cloud

This type of cloud storage allows you to have the best of both worlds with private and public cloud services combined. Companies can store their confidential data in private servers which are more protected and secure, while keeping less important data in the public cloud servers. For example, a company can store data that the employees can access on a public cloud. The more confidential data of the company can be stored on the private cloud separately for only the managers to access.

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