Technology is increasing, which in turn, is making data increase in quantity and in size. As new innovative technology is spread all over the world and new businesses are developing daily, we need places to store all this data surge. So, let’s talk about the types of storage.

There are a few options for businesses and individuals to store their data. Usually, the people at home would be storing their data:

  • Either on their own personal hardware that they own,
  • or they would use something known as the cloud storage.

Businesses having huge amounts of data on the other hand would either need their own data center or other machines and servers that they set up in their businesses.

cloud storage

Types of Data Storage

On-Site Data Storage

Being the main way to store data once upon a time, on-site data storage is when businesses buy their own servers and machines to store their ample amounts of data. Companies that are on a very large scale, tend to keep their servers in a secure data center facility that they build for the sole purpose of data storage. Most businesses would keep their data storage equipment in a designated data room. This type of data storage allows you to have complete control over the data you have. That is because you own everything. Technically, you are providing the data storage service to yourself. Hence you are responsible for the safety and efficiency of the data storage too. This method of storing data is very expensive, can be rather inefficient and time consuming.


Colocation allows you to rent out space in a data center. A space where you can keep your servers and machines for your data storage needs. As you need more servers and space required for your owned equipment, the more space you can rent out. Colocation facilities have the required cooling systems and power to manage your equipment in the facilities. When a business rents out space in the facility, this allows them to have their assets in a safe and secure location which is monitored all around the clock. Colocation allows people to have versatility and complete control over their data. This option is much cheaper than having your own in-house storage setup.

Cloud Storage

Individuals and companies can use this type of data storage, depending on their demand for storage space. Cloud service allows you to virtually store your data in hardware. A hardware which a cloud service provider owns and maintains it in his own designated facility. You can access data stored in cloud storage at any time, from anywhere in the world, if you have an internet connection. This type of storage is also very flexible and scalable, but it comes with heavy costs. Private clouds are used for companies that require higher levels of security.

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