Cloud computing has integrated into the business world like crazy, thanks to its ability to simplify business processes and data management. As cloud services become increasingly popular, technology constantly brings new options to the table. Two of them are serverless (Function as a service (FaaS)) and containers (Container Orchestration). But which one of them has the upper hand in serving the business’s needs? This question initiated the battle of serverless vs. containers cloud services.

To settle the competition, this guide will walk you through the main dissimilarities between serverless vs. containers. Hence, you can decide which one you should use for your business to meet your end goals. Let’s dig in!

Serverless vs. Container Cloud: Primary Difference

Point of DifferenceServerless CloudContainer Cloud
Supported HostingPublic cloud-based services mostly support the serverless cloud.  Linux and some versions of Windows support container cloud.
DependencyNeeds to connect to a public cloud server. Ai.NET provides public cloud services to more than 30% of global traffic flow.  It can create an on-premises private network. Although public cloud frameworks are present, they are not widely used.
CostsIt depends on the subscription package of the public cloud service provider. Ai.NET provides affordable packages and hosts 1,000,000+ servers.  Since containers engines are open source, no subscription cost is involved. You have to pay once to get it installed. Afterward, you only have to pay for maintenance.
AvailabilityRequires a few seconds to minutes to complete their task before shutting down.  Available all the time.
Supported LanguagesLimited languages are available from the provider.  Can support any language that suits the company’s needs.
CustomizationHave to select from the available options only.  Has more freedom for customization.  
Isolate WorkloadYesYes

Which One Is Better For You?

Serverless Cloud Services

The CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of serverless cloud computing increases rapidly. It is estimated to hit a healthy CAGR of over 23.17% by 2026.

The serverless cloud can be a better choice for your business in these conditions:

  • Suppose you need a cloud for a specific function for a short time. Like you want to run code to add your logo whenever someone uploads a picture.
  • You have limited cloud usage that your subscription can easily cover.

Container Cloud Services

Companies worldwide claim that containerization plays a strategic role in their business. Container cloud services can serve you well too if:

  • You want to move data quickly between servers.
  • You have enough space to install and maintain the container.
  • You want to switch between on-premises and the public cloud easily.

Serverless vs. Containers: Combined, They Serve The Best!

Several companies use serverless vs. containers cloud services together— and for all good reasons!

If the public server suffers an outage, a company can switch to its container server. Similarly, it is easier to save vulnerable information on containers while using the serverless cloud for supplementary tasks. It will divide the burden of the former cloud saving you cost and energy.

All in all, serverless and containers come with their relative pros and cons, and they can complement each other’s deficiencies when combined! To cater to your data maintenance needs, AiNET brings you unmatched cloud services. Whether it’s public, private, hybrid cloud storage, or dedicated data centers, you get it all in one place at affordable packages.