The cloud industry has taken off in the past few years, insinuating a modern data management system. However, most businesses have jumped into the cloud ocean without proper cloud cost management planning and strategy, which calls for several challenges. Uncontrolled cloud spending tops this list with immensely down lifting your revenue graph!
Let us tell you the importance of public cloud cost optimization.

To save your venture from this elbow grease, we have laid out the niftiest 3-step guide to public cloud cost optimization . Let’s get down to it!

Public Cloud Cost Optimization

How to Optimize Your Public Cloud Cost?

1. Plan

Planning is a step where you have to sit down with your team and lay out your requirements. Two things will come to your mind when you do this:

Forecast Consumption

Check how many users in your company would be utilizing a cloud-based service. Study previous records of cloud usage in your company to be as accurate as possible in this step for an effective result.

Establish Budget

This step will require some research. Explore the price packages of different cloud service providers. Observe which one aligns with your requirement at an affordable price. List those providers and choose the best one based on the value they bring to your data management system.

2.   Track

You tried to assume the consumption as accurately as possible. Now the following step is to find out how correct was your assumption.

Heat maps

You can use heat maps in this case. Analyze the peaks and valleys in the graph. It will help you understand when the cloud service is used the most, and you’ll be able to control things more efficiently.

Invoice by the Provider

Observe the billing invoice sent to you by the provider. Check the things you are being charged for. Is there anything extra in your bill that your team is not using or does not need? If yes, you can optimize the costs here.

3.   Optimize

Optimization is the third and most significant step to provide you with the results you worked for. With all the data you have collected, here are some ideas to intervene:

Limit Cloud Consumption

Remember those heat maps? You will observe a uniform pattern in it. For example, there is a spike on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm. There is a flat line on the graph during the weekends. In this case, you can limit the cloud consumption on weekends automatically or manually.

Use Horizontal Autoscaling

With horizontal autoscaling, you can do public cloud cost optimization. The system will automatically optimize the CPU and memory as the workload changes. Minimum legwork for you!

Conclusion: Don’t Compromise On The Quality For The Price!

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